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As the individual and I drew closer to each other on the wide sidewalk, something warned me about his demeanor, and I thought, “He’s walking very calmly but looking around frantically.


Then I realized it was the shooter! Ten feet directly in front of me...


On April 2, 2014, 2nd Lt. John M. Arroyo, Jr.. was shot in the throat and neck by another soldier who then went on to kill four soldiers, including himself, and wounding sixteen others. 

John's journey includes a childhood in Southern California as a tattooed member of a violent street gang and that of a hopeless teenage drug addict. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and ultimately became a Special Forces Green Beret and highly decorated officer after serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq.

John's story of the journey to the very edge of overwhelming darkness includes the story of his brave, supportive wife, Angel. 

Often overlooked, military spouses have a unique and powerful role in the lives of the U.S fighting forces. 

Thousands are inspired by John who protected himself and his fellow Special Forces "Operators" while deployed to the Middle-East and later has the resiliency to recover from the massive wounds he sustained after being shot at Fort Hood, Texas

His gripping story tells of how John's wife, Angel, was impacted by him being shot and how she endured and was able to persevere during their harrowing ordeal.

John's  story in now available in his book "Attacked at Home"!